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Celebrating fresh produce in Berlin

06 Mar 2019

MorePeople’s Commercial Team Leader, Morten Andresen, and Managing Director Andrew Fitzmaurince, visited the Fruit Logistica 2019 trade show in Berlin last month to network with clients and witness the latest innovations in the fresh produce industry.

On arrival at the venue, you can't help but to be impressed by the sheer scale of the event. Renowned as an incredible meeting point for the fresh produce industry, Fruit Logistica attracts over 3000 exhibitors and nearly 80,000 visitors from all over the world.

Wandering around, you start to get a sense for how much bigger the industry is compared to little old us in the UK! To be honest, it is sometimes a wonder that we manage to get supplied at all. The technical requirements in the UK are some of the most stringent around. Combine that with the fact that price is a constant pressure from the many retailers we have, it is a real testament to the sector that we have anything to supply, let alone the (for the most part) incredible produce we do get.

As recruiters, the show is a great opportunity for us to meet a number of our clients in one location. Over two very full days (even skipping lunch which is pretty unheard of in our team!) there was a noticeable amount of ‘British Bulldog’ spirit being shown. Clearly there is more uncertainty around what the future of trading will look like with Brexit around the corner, however, for the vast majority, it appears as though it is business as usual. There are certainly some businesses who are holding back on their Capex plans or a big recruitment drive, but, for the main part, good people are still an essential requirement and in very short supply!

We are definitely in a candidate led market so now is a great time to be thinking about your next moves. Yes, Brexit is looming, however this doesn’t need to stop you making the steps that are right for you in your career.