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Get to know... Jordan

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Name: Jordan Waobikeze
Role: Consultant, Commercial
Joined MorePeople: February 2024

1.Describe your job in three words: Engaging, Competitive, Exciting

2.What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? Working towards my first Ironman Triathlon

3.Which famous person would you love to meet? Morgan Freeman

4.Favourite drink? Malbec Red Wine

5.Best holiday destination so far? Izmir, Turkey

6.What are you currently reading? Blood & Sugar by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

7.Current favourite song? Daylight – Bobby Womack

8.If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you be? I’d like to think something fun and creative but in reality, it would be something boring and corporate.

9.If you had to watch only one tv show over and over forever, which one would it be? My Wife and Kids

10.What’s your biggest claim to fame? Realistically a stint on TV 4 years ago

11.Where were you born? Edgware, London

12.What’s your proudest moment? Acting as ‘Compere’ for the UCL Graduation Ceremony at the O2 for a crowd of 3000.

13.Dogs or Cats? Dogs, always.

14.Which football team do you support? The Gunners – Arsenal FC

15.What skill do you wish you possess? Patience

16.What’s your guilty pleasure? EastEnders

17.What did you want to be when you were a kid? Superman!

18.What three things are you taking to a deserted island? Sun-screen, Sun lounger, Case of Mojitos

19.Do you have any phobias? There’s only one – Spiders. Despise the things.

20.Where are you next going on holiday? The Algarve Coast, Portugal

21.What’s your least favourite household chore? Dishes

22.Describe MorePeople in three words: ‘Best-in-sector’

23.What do you love most about your sector? The conversations I have with my candidates – they’re always working on something genuinely exciting, creative and disruptive. It makes the job enjoyable.

24.Who inspires you? Ayrton Senna – his mindset for competition was unreal.

25.What is the worst job you ever had? Bar work during Uni – equal parts horrible & hilarious.