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MorePeople Executive Club

What is the MorePeople Executive Club?

One of the key features of our Executive Club is that every month, we invite a select number of guests to join us for a relaxed, informal dinner designed for leaders within our industries - you can see all the sectors we work with here. We're extremely proud of these events and the value they bring to our guests.

Hosted by the MorePeople team, you'll be our guest and enjoy some excellent food, wine and company on us.

Dinners range from Director and CEO level to specific themes for leaders in Finance, HR, Operations and so on. We've regularly been hosting these at The George in Stamford and are now looking further afield in London.

Feedback from our events is always positive and many guests come away with the realisation of how all businesses are facing similar issues, with different resolutions.

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Why do we host these events?

'As advocates of the sectors we work in, we're keen to create opportunities to benefit our clients and candidates.

Our industry network - built over the past 22 years - is second to none and finding opportunities to cross-pollinate and allow everyone to mutually benefit was a key reason to create the MorePeople Exec Club' - Andrew Fitzmaurice CEO

How to attend and what to expect

Are you a client of ours? If you haven't already had one, you can expect an invite in the future! Our dinners are small, only 15 - 20 people attend each time so we're working through our large list of clients each month to invite you. If you're keen to come, please let us know! Just drop us a call or an email.

​You can expect to learn the challenges other businesses are facing, how they are overcome and hear other leaders views from different areas of the industries. Meet and network with those you wouldn't usually get the chance to in a relaxed environment!

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