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Fresh Produce


Fresh Produce

Most industries like to think of themselves as being different, perhaps not exactly unique but certainly a little bit special. That's certainly what a lot of our clients in produce think about their sector.

Whilst we're sure others might like to challenge that, it's certainly true that the produce industry does offer some uniquely challenging and stimulating career opportunities. Working with natural products, coping with seasonality, the vagaries of the weather and still meeting the needs of a demanding customer base, all make for a dynamic working environment that attracts pro-active, pragmatic people. The challenges are real, but rewarding careers await for those people prepared to take them on.

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​​​At MorePeople you will find people who have worked in fruit, veg and flowers who can give you first-hand advice about the career options available in this exciting and rapidly expanding sector. Our client-base is spread throughout the world. The vast majority of our recruitment takes place in the UK but we also have experience recruiting in Australasia, Europe and MENA.

The fresh produce sector is the biggest at MorePeople - our origins are fresh produce after all.

What types of job roles do we recruit for?

  • Main Board Directors

  • Sales and Procurement Specialists

  • Account Managers

  • Technical Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • Buyers

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers

  • Agronomists

  • As well as all professional services like Finance and HR.


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