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Finding quality candidates

about 1 year ago by Sandra Poskaityte

​I recently ran a poll on “What is the biggest challenge whilst recruiting your next employee?” and 53% said that the Quality of candidates is the biggest issue at the moment.

In 2nd place was Unrealistic Expectations with 31%, and in 3rd place Recruitment budget with 14%.

I do agree to an extent, but with regards to the Quality of the candidates and unrealistic expectations, are businesses beginning to expect too much from the candidates? In this ever-changing world, we need to make sure we’re changing to be able to attract the best candidates.

How open and flexible are we being in training someone up to the standards of what they are looking for? Are we paying enough for the right candidates we need?

I think in the current market, which is led by candidates, we need to be more flexible and open-minded.

Some ideas we can consider…

1.       Wherever possible, we should have flexible or hybrid working opportunities to attract a wide range of candidates

2.       Improve the attractiveness of roles by ensuring there are real opportunities for development and training

3.       Make sure your company benefits are up to standards and are well communicated (watch out for our salary survey 2023 results coming soon!)

4.       Consider widening your geographical locations (going back to the hybrid point)

5.       Consider sometimes it will cost more to get the people you really need

And of course, using a recruitment agency can help, too!