CLA Rural Business Conference

Unlocking tomorrow's markets at the CLA Rural Business Conference

over 4 years ago by Miranda Webster

​MorePeople's Miranda Webster and Morten Andresen attended the Rural Business Conference 2019 on 28th November. Over 500 landowners and rural businesses attended the event, which discussed opportunities to grow and maintain business with new markets alongside political uncertainty. Miranda gives her account of the day:

The event brought together people from across the rural business community and we were able to hear from a number of inspiring speakers who offered first-hand experience of how they have explored different business opportunities both at home and abroad. The speakers and discussions ranged from hands on farming businesses who have successfully grown abroad and the journey they undertook, estate owners offering an insight into a variety of business opportunity ideas, plus social, environmental and conservational prospects.

Being a tortoise owner myself I particularly enjoyed hearing from The Countess Sondes from Lees Court Estate who has gone outside of the box by breeding tortoises as part of new business venture on the estate. She has also explored other areas such as non-food crops and archaeology projects which provide environmental, social and personal benefits. Another highlight was Joe and Julia Evans from Whitbourne Estate who are involved with care farming, which is something I had limited knowledge about before attending the conference. I was inspired and humbled by their hard work and the huge benefits this had for the land owners and young people who attended the care farm.

As a specialist recruitment business for the agricultural industry, it is important to us that we understand the markets that we specialise in and that we are up to speed with ever-changing trends in the industry. This knowledge means that we are better equipped to assist people with their next career move, connects us with people in our area of work and helps us to identify what “great” looks like.

The CLA conference was informative and a great opportunity to network within the agricultural pool that we work within and I already look forward to attending again next year. You can read more about the event on the CLA website.