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​When people of think of Industrial Manufacturing a lot will picture big factories, spewing sparks and smoke, set against a backdrop of high vis and dirty faces. However, the range of manufacturing in the UK is far broader than that! From the ultra-modern and ultra-clean environments of Electronics and Pharmaceutical, to the huge sprawling fully automated distribution centres that keep our goods moving, and everything in between, at the core of it are the Engineers who help designed, install, commission, and maintain the huge breadth of machinery that make and move all our goods.

From Factory Floor to Director Level, we cover every aspect of Engineering and Manufacturing roles, across Automotive, Automated Logistics, Construction Products, FMCG, Packaging, Plastics, and Special Purpose Machinery.

What types of job roles do we recruit for?

  • Maintenance and Service Engineers

  • Installation and Commissioning Engineers

  • Project Engineers and Managers

  • Maintenance, Engineering, Factory and Plant Managers

  • Design Engineers

  • Controls and Automation Engineers

  • LEAN, CI and Reliability Engineers and Managers

  • Quality Inspectors and Quality Engineers

  • Technical Managers and Technical Authors

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