Training and development

Don't tell me the sky's the limit when we've put a man on the moon!

over 3 years ago by Claire Smith

​Training and developing your team is vital, even when you’re trying to navigate your way through a pandemic! One of our core values is ‘Learning’ and striving to continually improve as a team and as individuals.

Last week, our recruitment team completed a series of virtual sales training sessions with Chris Dawson of 6th Door. Chris delivered a bespoke training programme designed to refresh skills and inspire with some new tips and tricks, introducing new ideas that are particularly relevant for the crazy times we’re currently living in.

For Chris, delivering virtual training has become second nature, and he said afterwards:

“The MorePeople team engaged and enthused about the virtually delivered training as if we were all in a conference room together. Distance isn’t a barrier to increasing your skills and passion for sales.”

Aidan Finn took part in the training, which was his first external training experience since joining MorePeople in January. He gave his feedback:

“Chris was engaging and entertaining throughout the sessions. His knowledge and passion for the content was clear and he was able to connect with us all even through video chat. He provided great tips and ideas which I believe would work in our industry. I felt that Chris cared about what we do here at MorePeople and catered the sessions to match that. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve or refresh their sales calls techniques.”

Pleased with the overall feedback and motivation it provided the team, MorePeople’s Managing Director, Andrew Fitzmaurice, said:

“We always strive to improve with everything we do at MorePeople. Finding the marginal gains and being better at the day to day is a win for everyone – our consultants and our clients and candidates. Training the team in recruitment, sales and the industry is a big part of that.”

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