Tiny Gains

The power of tiny gains

almost 3 years ago by Claire Smith

​Our 2021 team annual conference is based on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. There are so many inspirational business books out there, including these favourites that we shared on World Book Day, and we’re all looking forward to learning more about how this one can support personal development.

With the strapline ‘Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results’, the premise of Atomic Habits is that making small adjustments in your daily lives can lead to massive transformations. It’s a powerful statistic that by being 1% better at something every day, you’ll be 37 times better in 1 year! As illustrated by this graph:

The power of tiny gains

So much of our daily lives are spent carrying out automatic habits, some of which are healthy and productive, some of which are exactly the opposite! If we can break some of those unhealthy ones, just think of the potential to become better versions of ourselves.

The appeal of the strategy in this book is that it’s very simple and focuses on creating very small habits that are easy to stick to before building on them in tiny increments, for example starting with walking 1000 steps a day and increasing by 100 each day. This habit will feel easy in the beginning and therefore you’re more likely to keep progressing.

It will be interesting to brainstorm how we can use this methodology in the workplace to create some new habits that make us 37 times better this time next year!

What habits would you like to change in your life? Has this book made a difference to you?