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2021 Salary Survey - Results are in

over 2 years ago by Andrew Fitzmaurice

​The MorePeople Salary Survey is back again for its third iteration. What a time everyone has had since we released the 2020 version!

Thinking back to the priorities in Spring 2020, the world looks a different place today. Yes, the caution with regards to Covid19 protocols is still ever-present, but the volume of work we are experiencing and the positive attitudes, general optimism and decisiveness amongst our clients and candidates is a far cry from those first few months of lockdown.

I am thrilled and thankful that we are working in an industry so fundamental. Food literally props up the hierarchy of needs and we have all had to do our part in feeding 65 million Brits.

The stoicism and pragmatic nature of a massive number of people who work in the food sector has been so so evident over the tough months – we’re now here in Summer 2021 and we’re reporting record months and record quarters thanks to everyone’s efforts. We should all be able to build on this in the months and years ahead. We’ve all proved that we can handle anything.

Every year we approach the salary survey with as much objectivity as possible. Avoiding all biases can be hard to do but, given the nature of how the data contained here is collected, I hope we have managed to achieve a snapshot of the priorities in the market. I hope too that the numerical data is accurate and proves to be useful for everyone who reads it.

As ever, we are always happy to help and talk so if you have any questions on any of what is contained in this report please do get in touch.

The results in full can be read here