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Food & Drink Trends 2022

over 2 years ago by Natalie Smith

​As the experts in what consumers want and what it means for global markets, we tuned into Mintel’s recent Webinar on ‘What the 2022 Global Consumer Trends mean for the food and drink industry’ to see what trends Mintel are predicting for this year, and how this will be reflected in the food and drink industry.

With the pandemic still the forefront of many of our minds, (although hopefully not for much longer), businesses are still navigating through this strange terrain managing their customers, clients and employees.

‘The pandemic, economic fluctuations, and local and global events in 2020-21 have caused consumers to form new behaviours, attitudes and values.’ Mintel have identified 3 main trends within the food and drink industry.

In Control

‘The pandemic has caused and exaggerated feelings of precariousness and financial insecurity and consumers are looking for a sense of control. Therefore, consumers need clarity, transparency, flexibility and options to make decisions that suit their changed needs and circumstances. ‘

Eating healthy will be a priority – great news for the fresh produce industry! The pandemic has boosted us to look for diets that work best for us, and mainly those that improve our immune systems.

We’re likely to see clear and simple messaging from brands that are free of jargon to help avoid indictments of in-authenticity and gives a sense of trust, enabling the consumer to have complete control of their decisions.

Enjoyment everywhere

After a turbulent few years, consumers are seeking sources of joy and happiness, food and drink can help consumers escape boredom and create memorable moments. Mintel expects to see more brands creating joyful and playful formulations with their well-known products and finding different ways to showcase them.

Flexible spaces

48% of UK consumers who work remotely find it difficult to manage work and leisure boundaries at home, and consumers are re-imagining the purpose of the spaces they spend their time. Mintel expect to see brands gamifying food and drink as more customers spend time in the digital realm, and design more ways for consumers to interact with brands at home, away from the home and online.

We’re looking forward to working with our clients throughout 2022 and seeing how these predictions come to light, and what changes are made to best accommodate them.