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6th Door Training Returns

over 1 year ago by Andrew Fitzmaurice

​January saw the return of Chris Dawson from 6th Door to deliver sales training to the team.

After spending over 25 years in the sales arena, Chris Dawson has held nearly every role; from door-to-door canvassing, SDR and enterprise level sales, through to national sales management and training for top 100 companies. Now, through his organisation ‘6th Door’, Chris designs and delivers tailored sales training and coaching programmes to businesses across the world that are serious about developing their salespeople.

We've built a great relationship with Chris over the past 7 years and he's been back to train the MorePeople team a number of times.

Given the investment in time from Chris and 6th Door in getting to know us and our industry, we've found that the training has become very focused to our needs. The reference points and anecdotes have become very bespoke to the situations we encounter and, as a result, the team buy-in.

Does it work? Well, to coin a popular phrase, it works if you work it!

The pillars of sales that Chris lays out are simple to understand and can be implemented to your sales process immediately. I've always felt that the people who are new to the training experience several 'Eureka' moments during the day. In person Chris is a bundle of energy and keeps the content fresh and the team engaged.

Chris comments;

“After years of working closely with the MorePeople sales team and watching them grow and develop it was great to see lots of new faces. MorePeople work closely within their sector and this requires a very specific approach from their salespeople. I designed a two-day training programme based around speaking with their sales leaders and the observations made of sales conversations and the industry as a whole. Across the programme the team looked at putting their own goals and targets to one side to learn more about their customers world, the challenges they face and their desires for the future. By asking great questions, listening to understand not just to reply and discussing the ‘after effect’ of working with MorePeople the team can have highly customer centric conversations and discover new ways to help their client base.”