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Investing in management...

over 1 year ago by Natalie Smith

​As we have a bigger team of managers than ever before and with more promotions as we entered 2023 our management team have now completed the APSCo CMI Level 3 – Principles of Management and Leadership. An internationally recognised qualification consisting of four modules delivered in person over four months!

Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO, comments; ‘Investing in the future talent of the team at MorePeople is fundamental for our growth as a business and it is crucial for the team to see that they are being continually developed and invested in.

The nature of this training will also directly benefit everyone in the wider business and the ripple effect into our client and candidate base will be clear to see, I’m sure. Yet another reason to join MorePeople and see your career blossom.’

Richard Hanwell, MD, continues; ‘Having the desire to build a managerial career within the recruitment industry is one thing however being given both the training and freedom is another. This investment in training is just another example of the desire we have to grow our middle managers and develop the autonomy of these roles and functions.’

Here what some of the team had to say;

"I thought it was a really beneficial set of training sessions, something that was more refreshing coming from a former recruiter. The challenge with these sessions is always to put them into practice in real life situations, but I think as a group of managers we’ve got all the tools we need to support the team."

Sarah Want, Team Manager

"It was great to have face to face training again! Plus having the training delivered by someone that has trained a lot of different recruiters and experienced many different situations was definitely useful. We were able to have comparative conversations about what is good and what could be improved.

Having an accreditation attached to it as well is a benefit, so that we had to go back over the work and not just put it in a drawer! We looked at a number of topics that we have never covered which gave some really interesting insights. It was also beneficial to spend time together as managers to work closely together and get different viewpoints."

Morten Andresen, Associate Director

"I enjoyed being together and being able to talk with other managers in the team about actual scenarios we’re experiencing, and also being trained by someone from recruitment who understands the issues we face. I liked how are trainer challenged us when he felt there was something we should be doing differently. I’ve definitely tried putting some theory into practice, and found the whole process very insightful, especially how different people are and their different learning styles."

Lycia Pitcher, Team Manager

"The raining was very focused and relevant. It’s all about having structure and the right framework in place. It has reconfirmed what we’re doing well and introducing new ideas."

Tom Emondson-Matthews, Executive Consultant