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GIMA Day Conference Insights

about 1 year ago by

​Guy, Tor and Brian joined the GIMA Day Conference last week, a jam-packed day filled with talks from Dobbie’s Garden Centres, British Garden Centres, Scarlet Opus, JDS Strategists, and us!

The day started with some great trend, data and insight talks;

Kicking off was Phil Pond from Scarlet Opus presenting 2024 trends;

•Prioritising disposable income on garden and home will stay

•Choosing the home and garden for socialising instead of pubs and restaurants

•The home has take on a new significance – great for the garden and leisure industry!

Next was Jack Sweeney from JDS Strategists discussed The Power of Insight and most importantly – what is an insight? He used a bridge as an analogy with data one side and the action the other and the middle part is insight – insight gets from worthless data on it’s own through to positive action.

Data without insight will not lead to action – enable human space to analyse facts and think – enhance the inquisitive and collaboration – this will increase value!

Tor Newcomb who runs our Horticulture Commercial desk did a talk on the war for talent we’re all experiencing at the moment, how to attract good talent, retain it and why people leave their roles.

Headline speakers of the day included Dobbies and British Garden Centres who gave some great business updates.

Thank you to GIMA for the opportunity to join a great line up of speakers on the day!