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MorePeople Executive Club - Agriculture and Horticulture

about 1 year ago by Natalie Smith

​We’ve kicked off 2023 upping our Exec Club dinners and including more themed evenings.

February saw the first Agriculture & Horticulture themed dinner, at The George in Stamford hosted by our ag and hort teams.

Lycia, Team Manager Agriculture comments;

"We all know the difficulties and hardship that Agriculture and Horticulture is going through currently, however I wanted to get some of my clients in a room to discuss this and also to try and understand their business better and potentially give them some ideas from similar like-minded people in the industry to think about or even implement in their business going forward. It’s always great to hear from such passionate and knowledgeable people."

Sarah Want, Team Manager Horticulture continues;

"I speak to so many businesses on a regular basis and find myself having the same conversations about issues and concerns in the industry. Those stresses can sometimes make you feel alone, and whilst no one has all the answers, I thought it was important to bring alike businesses together so they know those challenges are industry wide. It was a very constructive debate and our hope is always, that people go back with a more positive mentality and news ways to tackle challenges. "

Mollie Docherty also joined the dinner;

"The dinner was a great opportunity to get a real insight into the industry and the challenges and issues that they are facing. Being new to the industry, I felt that the dinner gave me a chance to get access to people that I otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to speak to at such a level, and in turn has given me a whole new appreciation for the farming and horticulture industries in this country. The food was fantastic along with great company and interesting debate."

Here is some of the fantastic feedback from the night;

“A superb evening spent enjoying insightful conversation with other industry professionals at a fantastic venue. It was helpful to discuss the similar issues we all have, and learn from each other’s experiences whilst enjoying an excellent meal. The blend of conversation and debate was just right, allowing everyone to contribute their thoughts and insights. Many thanks to the MorePeople team for inviting me to such a helpful and well organised evening.”

John Marsden, MD, Bernhard’s Nurseries

“A really excellent group of people came together to share debate, over a delicious meal, very relevant to the challenges we all face in the agri-food space right now. Thanks to the excellent team at MorePeople”

William Burgess, Executive Chairman, Burgess Farms

"The last time I went to the George hotel of Stamford, some thirty-five years ago, I was working for ICI fertilizers encouraging farmers to put an extra bag per acre of Nitram™ (Ammonium nitrate) onto their crops. Farming has dramatically changed but the George hotel hasn’t. Despite being 20% of the market according to Defra, ornamentals often takes’ second stage to edibles so I was very pleased to be invited to the exceptional dinner with fine wines. I always enjoy meeting up with farmers and edible growers as you get to understand that you have similar issues, and in many cases your problems are not as large as you initially thought. I arrived at the dinner feeling slightly sad and left happy with life!. A lively debate was held between courses and the MorePeople team went out of their way to make all guests feel much appreciated. Thank you so very much."

Derek Jarman, Director, Hayloft Plants

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If you’d like to attend yourself, please just let us know! You can email, and take a look to read more here.