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Our top tips from our CV Clinic

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​A busy week last week, as we also attended FPC Careers Fair, and hosted a CV Clinic for the students. It was a great day catching up with clients and meeting with students.

Organised by the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), the second edition of the event connects today’s up-and-coming talent with the food chain’s best employers. The fair returned alongside sister event FPC Future – a ground-breaking agritech exhibition and conference. The UK food supply chain is facing recruitment challenges across the board. As the government and industry push forward with ambitious developments to guarantee its competitiveness and longevity, it is critical that we find new talent to maximise these opportunities. We are passionate about bringing new and young talent into our industries and was

As part of our CV Clinic, we shared our favourite top 10 tips…

1.       Keep it to the point

You don't need to go into loads of detail, keep it to one page, two pages max when you have more career experience.

2.       Actually make your personal statement, personal

You don't need to write the same old hard working, attention to detail blurb, actually make it personal to you!

3.       Reverse chronological order

Put your most recent experience, education etc first as it's normally the most relevant.

4.       Bullet points

Perfect sentences and paragraphs aren't always needed - think how many CV's a hiring manager has to read - keep it concise.

5.       Give the business information

If you have work experience, give a line or two explaining what the business does to help the reader understand your experience.

6.       References

Don't include references on your CV, you can provide them when asked.

7.       Don’t lie!

People do it, don't be one of them.

8.       Keep on top of your application

Follow up with applications and recruiters - keep organised.

9.       Consider calling first

If a company or job role is a bit different to your experience and what's on your CV, but you think you have what it takes, try calling!

10.   Write it yourself

Help from others is fine, but don't let others write it - it needs to be authentically you!