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Train the trainer...

about 1 year ago by Andrew Fitzmaurice

​We’re always keen to invest in our team and find ways to make marginal gains. Train the trainer training this time (T.T.T.T.T.T?! 😊)

We have had a long-standing relationship with Nick and Darren at Seventh Wave so talking to them about our training needs was a no brainer. Training Trainers is squarely in Darren’s wheelhouse – he has served his time and then some; helping train trainers at Apple, Halfords, Away Resorts and many more.

With our growth plans, constantly developing teams and the progress that we are making with the MorePeople Academy (our onboarding hub), there is a need to ensure that the training we deliver is market leading.

It’s been great to hone our training skills and learn plenty of new models around learning styles and delivery. I am confident that we’re going to be able to put lots of what we have learned in play very soon.

Will Thomson comments;

As the Head of Academy I am obviously very keen to continuously improve the content, its delivery and the results. It’s vital to our success that we continue to produce new Junior Consultants who become tomorrow’s Senior Consultants. I don’t take that responsibility lightly – I want to be the best possible trainer I can be.

Going through the training with Darren was brilliant and provided lots of new tools and perspectives I can put into practice immediately. And it was good to hear that what we are already doing isn’t too shabby!