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Client Visit - Classiflora

about 1 year ago by

​Team Manager of Horticulture, Sarah, enjoyed a client visit last week to Classiflora.

Classiflora is the UK's leading specialist in the import and supply of hardy exterior European specimen plants, trees, shrubs and topiary. Their product range varies from 3 to 1500 litres of containerised stock and within the season, rootball.

Sarah comments;

“For me, getting out to visit clients is a key part of my job. Being on the ‘outskirts’ of horticulture means I get to talk to fantastic individuals but do not always see the day-to-day. Classiflora is a unique business and a true specialist in what they do. Getting to see the variety of plants, and the operation behind getting quality plants out for sale to the general public is eye-opening. There’s so much between getting that plant from a seed to getting a three-year-old tree to a Plant Area is inspiring.”

If you’d like to find out more about Classiflora and the opportunities available, get in touch with Sarah on 01780 480530 or via LinkedIn.