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MorePeople's 5th Annual Conference

about 1 year ago by Natalie Smith

​This summer marks MorePeople’s 5th Annual Conference.

Over the years they have been held at various locations with various activities, training, team building and fun to be had!

This year the theme is ‘Growth’, our company is growing but there is so much potential for those to grow with it.

“Everybody wants to live on top of the mountain. But all the happiness and growth occur whilst you’re climbing it.”

We’re going to be heading to Dyson Farms exciting conference venue this July, receive training from Sean Sankey from MuchClearer, team building games and then head back towards Stamford for dinner and drinks.

CEO Andrew comments;

"investing in our team and the development of people is of absolute paramount importance. We want MorePoeople to be a fun place to work but more importantly, is that it is a rewarding place to work where everyone is equipped to develop their skills and careers. Taking the time to curate some content, getting off site to be inspired and working with brilliant training partners enables us to deliver on that goal.

Each year we try to up the ante – both in terms of the expectations we place on ourselves and the team, but also in the quality of the day. I can’t wait for July to come around!"