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Team of the Month

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We started the year with a new Team of the Month initiative, which will then lead to a new end of year award – Team of the Year!

With Q1 now finished, we have three Team of the Month winners who have their team photos proudly shown on our wall, alongside Player of the Week winners!

Our winners so far:

January – Professional Services

February – Horticulture

March - Professional Services (second win!)

Winners get to enjoy a team breakfast out to a place of their choice – and there are plenty of options in Stamford!

Aidan Finn, manager for the Professional Services team comments;

“As a newly formed team of 3 it’s great to be noticed and rewarded for good performance. All the teams here work extremely hard and are full of some really talented recruiters so for Sandra, Natalie and myself to win this award twice in the first 3 months is an achievement that we are all really proud of!”

If you’ve had excellent service from a member of the team then let us know, and it might go towards them getting the next Team of the Month award and if you want to work somewhere that rewards team, then get in touch – we’re hiring!