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MorePeople Sports Day Pledge

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Explaining every element of company culture is tough (and we have a lot of great elements at MorePeople). A company culture becomes evident based on the behaviours you see and how we treat each other every day.

It’s long been the culture at MorePeople, (though probably never put in writing), that when your kid’s sports day comes around, if you want to go; then go. Popping out for a few hours once a year whilst the kids are young isn’t going to adversely affect your work if you plan your week/day accordingly. It will mean the world to them, I am sure.

CEO Andy lead by example attending his daughter’s sports day this week!

Just another one of the benefits of working with us, along with a day off for your birthday, free gym membership, private healthcare, to name a few!

We’re growing, fast, so if you want to join us, take a look here and get in touch!