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Trade Show Season!

10 months ago by Natalie Smith

​Always keen to support the industry, network and learn more, MorePeople regularly attend trade shows with the team taking it turns to join along, whether it be as an exhibitor or visitor!

So far this summer, we’ve had the National Plant Show, Festival of Fresh and Fruit Focus, a first for some of our newer team members who speak about their experiences below…

Ben Woodward, Consultant – Garden Centre Retail - National Plant Show

“My first trade show, majority of the stands there were nursery orientated which allowed our horticulture team to get round a lot of clients.

Putting names to faces of the clients we work with but haven’t had the chance to get out and meet yet face to face.

For others it was a good way of making introductions to new businesses that we haven’t necessarily worked with before, seeing what they do as a company and making them aware of ourselves.

Personally, for Garden Retail, a lot of my clients were walking around as visitors so it was good to catch up on the season itself.

A few new clients coming over to the stand, running through how we can help them add value to their company. We are currently assisting a company with a Planteria Manager which all stemmed from a conversation at The National Plant Show.

Personal take aways from the show, extra knowledge is the biggest. Speaking to so many different people in the horticulture industry, it’s a place to use your ears!

Meeting other members from the YPHA as well and getting a better understanding of how they are helping young people in horticulture. Also provides an opportunity for us.”

Rae Goss, Consultant, Commercial Food & Fresh Produce, Festival of Fresh

“The world of Fresh Produce is so big and then you go to an event like Festival of Fresh and realise it is also so small!

The best part of Festival of Fresh for me, apart from the free samples, was meeting some really big players in Fresh Produce. Gathering together on a hot summer day, networking with produce buyers, senior execs, category manager, brand owners and entrepreneurs was fantastic and allowed me to meet so many clients and candidates face to face. We spoke about the challenges we are all facing in the industry in 2023 and spoke a lot about the future. I think that is the most important part of attending events such as Festival of Fresh, is getting to meet all these people who share a passion for an industry that never stops evolving and growing, no pun intended.

I never know what to expect at networking events but never regret going. This was the second year of Festival of Fresh and was held in front of the new AMFRESH facility and for its second year the attendance was impressive. I always find events such as these keep me so up to date on the industry and everyone involved, which is so important as a recruiter recruiting into these businesses. Overall, it was a great event.

But…. by far the biggest lesson I learned at Festival of Fresh is to wear sun cream!”

Alice Raven, Consultant, Agriculture, Fruit Focus

“Fruit Focus was a great opportunity to meet businesses we work with and speak with new ones. We stood alongside BASIS who had lots of traffic over the day which gave us an opportunity to speak with lots of people working in the sector. It was great to meet some previous candidates in person – we were thanked by a few people for getting them jobs which was lovely!

There was a lot to learn - businesses I hadn’t heard of and so many people willing to talk and educate us about them. Guy was in his element catching up with everyone he knows, and it was cool to be introduced to them and chat about the industry.”