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C Suite Recruitment

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​MorePeople has always been involved in recruiting across a range of specialisms and levels, from graduates and QCs through to the main boards. Exec Chairman and Founder, Guy, comments, "Our first ever vacancy in MorePeople way back in 2000 was a director role which was delivered by an Exec Search assignment and this was followed by an MD role for our fourth ever assignment also in 2000, so we have actually been capable of delivering C Suite and main Board roles since day one of MorePeople. I was an MD within the fresh produce and horticulture sectors and know first hand the challenges that our clients and candidates go through in their daily lives and this has helped us grow the senior board level appointments side of our business tremendously".

We’ve since placed hundreds of senior candidates as Chief Operating Officers, CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors, Finance Directors, Tech Directors, Ops Directors, HR Directors and so much more.

Our expertise extends across a range of products, and we have also experience working on senior appointments internationally.

CEO, Andrew continues, "It has always baffled me as to why some clients feel that they need to talk to the SHREK firms for their exec recruitment rather than work with a partner who already knows a lot about the industry and the challenges that their business faces. MorePeople has a track record delivering these roles and we know how to run search assignments. We’re so passionate about the industry and we spend a lot of time mapping and networking with lots of the key people, so we are well-placed to deliver. We’re also going to cost a lot less!"

Naturally, our approach to senior appointments often differs from a lot of the other recruitment we deliver. Our team is adept at managing confidential and difficult-to-fill positions which lend themselves to retained and headhunting methods. "As we are already embedded in the industry, our contacts stretch far and wide and the trust and rapport is already there with so many contacts that our search tends to happen a lot faster and easier. We are also have the added advantage of being familiar with the businesses in question along with their customers and the challenges that this resilient and demanding industry has". MD, Richard.

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