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Non-Executive Directors

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​A non-executive director (NED) is a member of a company's board of directors who does not have day-to-day involvement in the company's operations. Instead, their role is more strategic and oversight-oriented. Non-executive directors are typically appointed to bring independent judgment, diverse perspectives, and specialized expertise to the board.

‘"We have two non-exec directors currently and MorePeople has had at least one for as long as I have been involved. For me, they are excellent mentors, they offer a great perspective from someone who has seen the challenges before and they also bring a lot of perspective since, unlike the rest of the Directors, they sit one degree removed from the day-to-day. Generally speaking, when I get time with my non-execs, I hang on every word." Andrew Fitzmaurice

We work with lots of clients who want to bring in some external expertise to assist with perhaps governance and oversight, independence and objectivity, strategy and planning or maybe succession planning.

In lots of instances, we (and our clients) are looking for non-exec directors who have ‘been there and got the T-shirt’ so to speak. Perhaps they’ve taken a previous business through some difficult times or an acquisition or trade sale. The experience that these candidates can bring is invaluable and their advice often means that the challenges are navigated much more smoothly.

"Why wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who has been there and done it and be able to see the wood from the trees. Having witnessed first hand the impact that our non-exec directors have had on our business and the NED’s that we have placed with our clients, it really is a no brainer. They offer a unique perspective that can challenge your strategy, improve your business with ideas that otherwise could have been overlooked.’" Richard Hanwell

We work with lots of candidates who have had big roles in their primary careers but are now at a stage where they want to work on a ‘portfolio’ of positions where they work a day or two a month. It’s a great way to stay connected to the industry, earn some money and benefit everyone with the application of lifetime’s worth of experience.

“I am passionate about Non Exec Directors and the tremendous value that they add to a business. I have seen first hand how they work and contribute to an organisations success. Our first Non Exec was appointed way back in 2003/4 and he had a fabulous and very positive effect on our business as well as on me personally. As an owner of a company it is sometimes very lonely with few opportunities to discuss the challenges that owners face with other people. A Non exec provides the support when it is needed and is a terrific sounding board and adviser to an owner and in my opinion provides encouragement and assistance and that no one else can give”. Guy Moreton

The video below shows our directors speaking more about the value of Non-Executive Directors.