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Get to know... Natalie

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Name: Natalie Smith
Role: Marketing Manager
Joined MorePeople: December 2021

1.Describe your job in three words: busy, fun, interesting

2.What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? The MorePeople brand!

3.Favourite drink: at the mo, Aperol Spritz!

4.Best holiday destination so far: Honestly, I just LOVE Mallorca, I go every year, my Dad now lives there, it’s my fave place.

5.What are you currently reading? Nothing right now, but my list of books to read is ever-growing – bring on my next holiday.

6.Current favourite song: Sub Focus – Ready to Fly

7.If you weren’t a recruiter marketer, what would you be? My first job was in Buying, so maybe that?

8.If you had to watch only one tv show over and over forever, which one would it be? Gavin and Stacey!

9.Where were you born? Peterborough…

10.What’s your proudest moment? Getting our first home!

11.Dogs or Cats? Dogs, I love my dog too much – a Labrador cross cocker spaniel – my two favourite breeds combined! But I wouldn’t mind a cat too.

12.Which football team do you support? None, it’s not for me I’m afraid

13.What skill do you wish you possess? Be able to sing or play the piano

14.What’s your guilty pleasure? Reality TV! Loving Big Brother being back

15.What did you want to be when you were a kid? A hotel manager? No idea why. Those unsociable hours are NOT for me.

16.What three things are you taking to a deserted island? My phone, a boat and someone to drive it

17.Do you have any phobias? Spiders and being in tight spaces

18.Where are you next going on holiday? America and Caribbean

19.What’s your least favourite household chore? Hanging the washing up to dry

20.Describe MorePeople in three words: fast-paced, passionate, inspiring

21.What do you love most about your sector? How much there is to learn and how interesting it is. It also amazes me how small the industry is and how many people know each other!

22.What is the worst job you ever had? None have been that bad really – they all led me to where I am now!