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1000 Trees Planted With MoreTrees!

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Since September 2022 MorePeople has been a part of MoreTrees, an initiative that funds global forestry projects and also aligns with 10 UN sustainability development goals. For every placement we make, two trees are planted, one for the client and one for the candidate.

About MoreTrees

MoreTrees is a global environmental initiative focused on reforestation and the promotion of sustainable forestry practices. The organisation aims to combat deforestation, mitigate climate change, and restore biodiversity by planting trees in various regions around the world. MoreTrees collaborates with local communities, governments, and businesses to implement tree-planting projects that not only address environmental concerns but also contribute to socio-economic development.

Through its efforts, MoreTrees seeks to raise awareness about the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance, absorbing carbon dioxide, and providing essential ecosystem services. The organization often employs innovative technologies and data-driven approaches to optimize tree-planting strategies and ensure long-term success. By fostering a sense of global responsibility, MoreTrees strives to create a positive impact on the planet and inspire individuals and organisations to take part in the collective effort to protect and restore our forests.

So far, MorePeople have planted over 1000 trees and we hope to increase our efforts in 2024!