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Ending Modern Slavery - Cycle Revolution 2023

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​Did you know that 52% of modern slavery occurs in upper-middle-income or high-income countries?

The 2nd of December is recognised as the UN International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Over the past 5 years forced labour and forced marriage have seen a sharp increase, 10 million more people were in modern slavery in 2021 compared to 2016 global estimates, bringing the total to 50 million worldwide. Women and children remain disproportionately vulnerable.

The food industry is no exception to this, with intricate global supply chains and often low-wage labour, has been associated with instances of modern slavery and exploitation. Certain sectors have seen reports of forced labour, child labour, and human trafficking. Factors like the complexity of supply chains, the prevalence of low-skilled and low-paid jobs, and the vulnerability of migrant workers contribute to this issue. Subcontracting and outsourcing practices, and weak or poorly enforced labour regulations in some regions, further complicate efforts to monitor and regulate working conditions.

One man trying to change this is Gordon Miller and his Ride for Freedom initiave, MorePeople has proudly been sponsoring this charity for a number of years. Earlier this year, Gordon cycled the first 3 stages of the Tour de France the week before the professionals, covering 535km across Spain. This is just one of many events he has arranged for the charity.

Feeling inspired to help a good cause? Ride for Freedom is holding a virtual event called Cycle Revolution between 1st and 3rd of December which supports more people to be released from modern slavery in the UK. You can find out more about the event and sign up here.