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Have you heard of the 9 plus 3 club?

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​Formed in 1946 when the transport of flowers was forbidden under the World War 2 non-essential goods rules, a group of 9 London Wholesalers, anxious to get flowers re-instated, invited Winston Churchill to lunch to encourage a re-think by the Government. After lunch, Winston Churchill did re-instate flowers on the basis that they were essential for the morale of the UK population during a dark time.

After the success and the enjoyable lunch at The Savoy, the group of 9 decided to continue these lunches and invited 3 additional guests from the flower industry each time they met – hence the name ‘9+3 club’.

The club is still running now, enjoying their lunches in London with the same format – members and guests introduce themselves with a brief professional history and association within the industry, and after dessert the guests will talk about something that is of interest to them generally for about 5 minutes.

Our Executive Chairman Guy Moreton is a member of the club after his successful career and background in cut flowers. He is joined by other members;

  • Martin Panter

  • Keith Russell

  • Roger Mackay

  • Graeme Diplock

  • Peter Lansdale

  • Tony Gradden

  • Nigel Jenney

  • Jon Adams