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Looking to recruit in 2024?

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​Many of us put off tasks until we’re back and settled into the new year. However, realistically, recruiting the next person for your business isn’t always a quick process – even when expert recruiters are involved. It takes time to put together job descriptions, and job adverts, arranging interviews and not forgetting the varying ranges of notice periods that have to be worked

Our Horticulture and Agriculture team advise on recruiting for the industry.

If people are starting to recruit in January, when will they see that person start?

If we start in January, depending on the seniority of the role you are likely looking at not having a starter until at the earliest beginning of March. This allows for average notice periods of a month and interview processes that normally have at least two virtual and in-person interviews.

What is the biggest challenge you’re facing in recruitment at the moment?

Not understanding the challenges around timelines and realistically how long it normally takes to fill a role from brief to placement being accepted. There are a lot of new jobs but people are hesitant to look close to Christmas and would rather wait until the new year before starting their search.

What types of roles are the most seasonal and when is the ‘transfer window’ for them?

Farm managers are needed before the spring starts ideally; most people won’t then move until autumn! The new year is a time for people to have a fresh start though so lots of people will look at moving soon. The cold and dark months make outdoor roles less pleasant – this can prompt people to look around.

For Growers, most peaks start around March, businesses need to start looking for Growers in January to secure a solid skill base for the season. Even if Growers aren't happy in their current role, they won't leave their current employer struggling so tend to stop their search during the peak season and restart in the quieter months.

Do you have any top tips for recruiting in Agriculture and Horticulture?

Including salary bandings, where possible! We have found evidence to prove it really helps to gain further interest from candidates.

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