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Want to start, and accelerate your Technical Career in Food Manufacturing?

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​The Technical Team at MorePeople have grown significantly in 2023, now a team of 4 with collectively 30 years experience recruiting in the Technical space, we recruit for all positions across the Technical and Quality aspects of the food manufacturing and fresh produce sectors.

There is an ever-growing need for young people to begin their careers in the industry, not enough students know about the breadth of career possibilities within the technical space in food, and this is something we speak about daily with our clients and candidates.

The Institute of Food Science and Technology is doing a great job of doing just that, and MorePeople has been a supporter and our Exec Chairman Guy Moreton has been an associate member of the IFST since 2012 and is proud to support such a fantastic organisation.

IFST is the UK’s leading professional body for those involved in all aspects of food science and technology. An internationally respected independent membership body, supporting food professionals through knowledge sharing and professional recognition.

Membership comprises individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from students to experts, working across a wide range of disciplines within the sector. Members can benefit from gaining industry insights, networking and boosting their careers.

MorePeople is committed to supporting students in their journey towards a rewarding career in food science. Here are our top 5 tips to on how to guide aspiring individuals and shed light on how we can collectively promote students working in food by utilising the IFST’s services.

1. Embrace Continuous Learning:

Encourage students to cultivate a mindset of continuous learning. The food industry is dynamic, with new technologies and products emerging regularly. Engaging with the IFST's educational programmes and workshops to stay abreast of the latest developments makes it easy to keep up to date. Additionally, the benefit of seeking apprenticeships or participating in research projects to gain hands-on experience will easily help young people accelerate their careers.

2. Network within the IFST Community:

Highlight the value of networking within the IFST community. Encourage students to attend IFST events, conferences, and seminars to connect with industry professionals and fellow students. These connections can provide insights, mentorship opportunities, and a broader perspective on the diverse facets of the food industry. IFST also regularly runs competitions and awards where you can not only win a prize but also gain recognition from your peers and potential employers.

3. Showcase Practical Skills:

Urge students to focus on developing practical skills alongside their theoretical knowledge. The food industry places a premium on individuals who can translate their knowledge into tangible solutions. IFST offers various platforms for students to showcase their skills, such as research presentations, and collaborative projects. Emphasise the importance of building a portfolio that demonstrates their abilities and accomplishments. A major competition that requires technical, marketing and presentation skills is Ecotrophelia which runs annually with judging in June. Winners will represent the UK in the European competition that takes place in October each year.

4. Stay Informed on Industry Trends:

Advise students to stay informed about current and future trends in the food industry. Suggest following IFST's publications, research papers, and industry reports to understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Being well-informed allows students to align their skills and interests with the evolving needs of the sector, making them more competitive in the job market.

5. Become an IFST Ambassador:

Encourage students to become ambassadors for IFST within their academic and social circles. By sharing their positive experiences and promoting the benefits of IFST membership, they contribute to the growth of the institute. This advocacy helps create a supportive community that fosters collaboration and innovation.

In conclusion, by embracing continuous learning, networking, showcasing practical skills, staying informed on industry trends, and becoming IFST ambassadors, students can embark on a successful journey into the technical side of the food industry. As recruiters, our role is to champion and support these aspiring professionals, fostering a vibrant and innovative future for the food science community.

Together, let's build a bridge between education and industry, creating a pathway for talented individuals to thrive in the dynamic world of food science and technology.

IFST membership is available to all students and apprentices at the rate of £23 per year - the cost of about one coffee per month! Find out more and sign up here

Technical roles in Food Manufacturing contact;

·         Alex Marshall, Associate Director

·         Jack Williams, Senior Consultant

Technical roles in Fresh Produce contact;

·         Luan Harrison, Associate Director

·         Harvey Oxford, Consultant