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Careers Fair at Writtle University College

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​On Thursday the 15th February, Horticulture and Agriculture Team Manager Sarah attended Writtle College to take part in their Careers Fair.

The event was open to students studying any qualification in agriculture and horticulture. Sarah also had the opportunity to do a specific talk to these students, called ‘Life After Education’. Where she discussed top tips for CVs, what employers want to see, and the different entry-level roles in agriculture and horticulture.

We have a great relationship with Employability Manager Tara, at Writtle. Tara always keeps us in the loop of beneficial events, suggests students chat with us, highlights any grad vacancies and so on. She’s so passionate about supporting students.

Going to college/university events is always beneficial for us as a business. The level of impact is always dependent on how well-publicised the event is to students, Writtle gets this spot on. Sarah didn’t stop talking for the whole of the careers fair! Getting the opportunity to highlight what you can do in agriculture and horticulture is so important to excite and bring in the future generation.

Sarah Want, Horticulture and Agriculture Team Manager, Comments;

"I met some great people whilst I was there. In a talk, you’re never going to know just how many people took in what you said, but I saw lots of note-taking and had good questions from students at the end so that’s something!

There were some fantastic candidates who are graduating in the next couple of years. The thing I found is that a lot of people (across the whole of the UK), aren’t aware of how much opportunity and variety there is within these industries, so getting the opportunity to talk about this and educate people on where your career can go is truly beneficial.

I’m looking forward to helping some of the people I spoke to this summer and next start what I’m sure will be a very successful career."

​Overall she had a great day and we hope lots of students had something to take away from it. We can't wait for next year at ARU Writtle!

If you want to get in touch with Sarah about the next step in your horticultural or agricultural career, call 01780 480 530 or email