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Global Food Trends 2024

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​This year, Mintel are calling out three trends for brands to pay attention to in 2024 – ‘Trust the Process’, ‘Age Reframed’ and ‘Eating Optimised’.

​We’ve summarised their report…

Trust the Process

​Consumers are becoming more aware of different levels of food processing (minimally processed, highly processed, ultra-processed) through media reports and on-pack labels. There is growth potential for minimally processed and naturally processed foods that focus on the health benefits of processing techniques. 79% of consumers in China aged 50-65 believe that eating less processed foods is a very/somewhat effective way to improve health. Additionally, brands that make highly/ultra-processed products need to remind consumers of the enjoyment they provide while also developing less processed product lines to keep up with consumer demands. Clear communication will become necessary to help consumers make informed decisions about how processed and ultra-processed food and drink fit into their diets

​Looking to the future…

​Most consumers will continue to use moderation or make occasional exceptions in their diets for their favourite ultra-processed food and drink. At the same time, minimally processed products that boast higher nutritional value and are easy to use will win over more consumers. Ongoing concerns about energy costs will lead consumers and retailers to increase their support for long-life, shelf-stable products made using processing methods that reduce the need for refrigeration or freezing.

Age Reframed

​Gen X consumers, aged 40-60, are pioneering a new approach to healthy aging focused on extending health span through proactive long-term strategies. 76% of Canadian Gen Xers worry about aging-related illnesses whilst 63% of German Gen Xers agree that eating a healthy diet is the most important factor for staying healthy and feeling well. There is an opportunity for brands to cater to the diverse nutritional, physical and mental health needs of different life stages for this demographic. Products supporting issues like cardiovascular, brain and joint health will be important.

​Looking to the future…

​Brands will play a significant role in shaping the self-care movement among consumers aged 40 and over. Food and drink brands can help meet the health needs of this demographic by providing products that, for example, proactively address joint health, fuel fitness routines and maintain healthy sleep patterns.

Eating, Optimised

​The pandemic accelerated the desire for convenient, quality food experiences. Consumers are more open to technologies like AI, AR to optimise meals. Brands are already adapting products for efficient cooking. Technology will integrate further into shopping, meal planning and cooking assistance. 38% of UK home cooks are interested in recipes for the products they regularly buy. An example of this being showcased is Hellmann's 'Fridge Night' application which is available across 7 markets and challenges consumers to clean out their fridges once a week using loose recipes and Hellmann's products to create meals. Considering this, brands must ensure technology enhances rather than replaces the enjoyment of food.

Looking to the future…

​Consumers’ daily experiences with technology will make AI, AR and other technology tools non-negotiable time savers in the kitchen. For retailers, this will come in the form of real-time shopping assistance, such as push notifications, personalised alerts and AI that could help consumers find ingredients or products while in stores, in transit or shopping online. Marketing will shift from targeted ads to an evolved form of product placement, ensuring that AI, AR and other recipe generators suggest specific brands within consumers’ personalised meal planning.

​To conclude, there are opportunities for businesses to provide transparency on processing while highlighting product benefits, meet the diverse and evolving needs of ageing consumers and use technology to optimise consumer experiences without sacrificing enjoyment.

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Read the full report from Mintel here