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How can a recruitment agency help graduates?

about 1 month ago by Natalie Smith

​Yesterday I attended a ‘Student Launchpad’ event at Sheffield Hallam University hosted by the IFST, and was part of a mentoring lunch speaking to students about MorePeople and how we can help with that all-important first job search.

It was clear that upcoming graduates didn’t know how recruitment companies worked, with some even saying they thought the contact they’d had from some companies was a scam, so it was great to have the opportunity to explain and showcase how we can help and what the benefits are.

The official definition of recruitment is ‘the process of finding people to work for a company or become a new member of an organisation’, but we do so much more than that!

  1. Speaking with a recruitment consultant means we can assess what specifically you’re looking for. We can understand your existing skills and experience and find you positions that will suit you and your needs.

  2. We can take a proactive approach to finding your first full-time role. Even if certain companies you like the sound of don’t look like they’re hiring, we can prepare introductions for you. This is due to the extensive client list we’ve built relationships with over the 24 years MorePeople has existed.

  3. We can help you with your CV and interview skills so you are as prepared as you can be for your interview, and we support you through the whole process.

  4. This includes negotiating on your behalf once you’re offered a job things like salary, start dates and flexible working.

  5. We will chase for feedback, so even if you don’t get asked for an interview, we’ll be able to tell you why!

  6. Please note, none of this comes with a cost to the candidate!

If a company is using a recruiter for their roles, they often won’t advertise the job elsewhere so sometimes graduates won’t see these jobs themselves without the help from the recruiter.

The industry is desperate for graduates and young people to join the industry, the variety of roles available within food manufacturing, fresh produce, Agriculture and Horticulture is so vast, but we operate in every single role from farm to fork, starting at seed breeders, farmers and growers through the food supply chain to the retail storefront.

We have dedicated teams that specialise in:

  • Commercial roles (Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Buying and so on)

  • Technical (QA/QC, New Product Development, Technical Managers and more)

  • Horticulture – Growing, Agronomy, Landscaping, Seed Breeding, Nurseries

  • Agriculture – Farm Managers, Farm Foreman, Site Managers, Harvest Managers

  • Operations – Engineers, Production/Manufacturing, Logistics / Transport

  • Professional Services – HR, IT, Finance

  • We also have teams that work with Garden Centres for more specialised Plant Area Managers, and Rural teams who work with Chartered Surveyors, Agricultural Business Managers and so on.

Our functional structure ensures we have the best experience and knowledge to help you on your career journey. So, if you’d like to find out more and have an informal chat, just get in touch on or 01780 480 530.