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Ride For Freedom May Tour

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​MorePeople is still proudly supporting the efforts of Gordon Miller and the Ride For Freedom Team as they continue to raise awareness to end modern slavery. This year we have sponsored Gordon's jersey for a bike ride which will take place in May. He will embark on a 5-day ride, covering a distance equivalent to the length of Wales.

Gordon holds 2 Guinness World Record titles! He set the record for the “Greatest distance covered by an electric bicycle in one week” In October 2021 and in 2020, Gordon set the record for the "Largest GPS drawing by bicycle (individual)”. He achieved this by cycling 620.5 miles (998.7kilometres) around England, from 18 September-2 October 2020, to spell ‘end modern slavery’. For his ride in May, one record holder will be joined by another, Kate Strong is an Environmentalist who holds 3 world records. In 2021 Kate made history for the furthest distance travelled on a static bike breaking the 1- and 12-hour world records and setting a new 24-hour world record.

They're joining forces to raise awareness around the pressing issue of how climate change is creating conditions for modern slavery to be perpetrated. Here are several ways that this occurs:

1. People moving because of climate problems can make communities shaky, making them easy targets for traffickers.

2. If people have to move because of climate issues, they might end up being forced to work or trafficked, especially if they lose their jobs and connections with their communities.

3. Communities without good protection from climate disasters can be tricked by traffickers who promise better opportunities, putting individuals in bad situations.

4. When climate emergencies happen, people can become victims of businesses harming the environment, creating a cycle of exploitation.

5. Big industries that contribute to climate change can hurt local communities and exploit vulnerable people for cheap labour, worsening the cycle of exploitation.

These interconnections highlight the urgent need to address both climate change and modern slavery to protect vulnerable populations and build more sustainable, equitable futures. If you would like to get involved with this particular tour you can find out more about you can help by clicking here.

Visit the Ride for Freedom website by clicking here