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Visit to Newey Open Day

4 months ago by Sarah Want

​Hannah and I spent 2 days crammed with 6 wholesome meetings in Chichester last week.

The original plan was to head down and look around Neweys open day, but given the distance, it made sense to make a trip out of it so we got meetings booked in with clients in the area. We visited ornamental growers, salad growers, herb growers, soft fruit growers and more!

As specialist recruiters, we love the opportunity to get out and visit clients. Most are so welcoming to get us to site. We sit, have a coffee (or 3) and actually get to know people on a personal level. It's one thing to communicate over the phone or email but meeting in person adds depth to the relationship. You can pick up on best ways of working, better understand their needs and preferences, and build trust more effectively. This gives us the ability to facilitate a stronger and more collaborative partnership.

For candidates, the information we can provide from fully understanding their operation is invaluable. You can see the work environment, meet current employees, and understand the overall atmosphere and culture. It’s always easier to explain something when you know something inside out, right? For Horticulture specifically, being able to tell them about the site, the glasshouse, system set up all the way through to parking puts candidates at ease but also makes processes much smoother.

If a candidate has a worry about the site, the area or something physical, if we’ve been to site and can put those worries at ease – it’s one less challenge to deal with in an already challenging world.

Despite the (very) early morning and spent two days fuelled by coffee, it’s such an important part of the job and we genuinely do love it.

If you fancy a visitor and are happy for us to have a look around, get in touch by calling Sarah or Hannah on 01780 480 530 or email