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The Challenge

We have been tasked a few times this year with filling Seed Sales Specialist roles throughout the UK.

Our Approach

When recruiting for seed sales specialists for Limagrain (Nickerson Seeds) , we seek out talented individuals specialized in sales, but more crucially, possessing a profound ability to engage and converse with farmers. The ideal candidate excels in selling the brand, not just a product, leveraging their knack for establishing meaningful connections. Moreover, technical proficiency is highly valued, as they demonstrate a robust understanding of the intricacies of our offerings. We aim to uncover professionals who can effortlessly merge sales acumen with technical knowledge while fostering relationships within the agricultural community.

Having collaborated on multiple occasions in the past, our familiarity with Limagrain’s company's culture has significantly streamlined the recruitment process. Limagrain's reputation and the enthusiasm it generates among talent have also made the recruitment process straightforward. Being able to fill three Seed Sales Specialist roles for Limagrain has been a source of pride for us and we hope to be able to help them more in the future.

"Rae demonstrated a great understanding of our roles and the type of candidates we were looking for. We were not only happy with the candidates presented but also felt that MorePeople recognised our specific needs. Rae consistently provided credible candidates, resulting in successful appointments that have greatly contributed to our team. Throughout the recruitment process, MorePeople made the experience seamless by keeping us informed at every stage. Their responsiveness, timely feedback, and assistance in negotiating offers made the entire process efficient and stress-free. I am extremely pleased with our relationship and foresee continuing to collaborate with them for our future recruitment needs. Thanks to MorePeople, the recruitment process has been positive and successful.”

Katie George, HR Manager, Limagrain UK