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Garden & Leisure

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Garden & Leisure

With over 2000 garden centres in the UK there is a massive industry to support our gardens. The range of products is vast - from plants to garden accessories, tools, pets and clothing - not to mention the roaring trade in garden centre cafes and restaurants. This is a vibrant sector that continues to develop and change.

Not only has the volume and variety of products and services increased, but there has also been a marked increase in the quality on offer. This is evident in the rise of the garden centre as an upmarket retail outlet and weekend 'destination' as well as simply somewhere to source plants and gardening products.

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The ever expanding and diverse nature of this sector is reflected in the variety of career options available.

What types of job roles do we recruit for?

  • General Managers

  • Departmental Managers

  • Planteria Managers

  • Merchandisers

  • Restaurant Managers

  • Growers

  • Contract Managers

  • Main Board Directors

  • Sales and Marketing Specialists

  • As well as all professional services like Finance and HR.

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