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The Challenge

Flamingo Horticulture is a market leading Horticulture business with a worldwide footprint that covers the farming, production, sales and marketing of flowers and fresh produce. MorePeople have been a recruitment partner of the business since we were established back in 2000, filling a wide range of roles at all levels. Most recently in 2019, MorePeople’s Technical Team Manager, Luan Harrison, has successfully placed a Junior Technologist, Technologist and a NPD Floral Designer.

Our Approach

Having worked with Flamingo for almost 19 years, MorePeople have a strong long-term relationship with the business and a solid understanding of their needs. Our recruiters are in regular contact with Flamingo’s HR team about their requirements and challenges, and have visited different geographical sites to ensure that we can create an accurate picture for potential candidates.

Luan has filled a number of vacancies in conjunction with Flamingo’s Head of HR, whom she has worked with now for many years. For the Junior Technologist role, five candidates were put forward. Of these, three were shortlisted for interview and two went on to a second stage interview, before the successful candidate was offered and accepted the role.

The NPD Floral Designer position required a very specialist skill set and background. Having identified a potential candidate on our in-house database, Luan was quick to discuss the role with her and arrange an interview, knowing that her skills would be in demand. Flamingo were equally impressed with her CV, scheduling an interview at short notice. Certain that the candidate was a great fit for the business, the role was offered and accepted at the interview stage!


These success stories were made possible by the excellent relationship that MorePeople has built and maintained with Flamingo over the years. Having a thorough understanding of the business enables our recruitment team to recommend candidates who will suit the culture of Flamingo.

"Having worked with MorePeople for a number of years, I have trust in their understanding of the Flamingo business and our culture. This knowledge enables the team to provide an honest view of only those candidates that they believe will thrive in our extremely fast paced environment. As a consequence, MorePeople have been integral in assisting Flamingo to build our team with excellent colleagues who have gone on to grow and develop and become great assets to the business.”

Claire Baker, Head of HR, Flamingo Flowers

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