Will's Story

From advertising sales to MorePeople Team Leader in two years!

Will joined MorePeople in February 2016 with a background in advertising sales and recruitment resourcing – having worked for both The Guardian and Johnston Press (SmartList).

Since Will had some experience he started with MorePeople as a Senior Consultant.

In that first year he delivered the target he was set. Will earned decent commission during the year for the placements he made and received a bonus for delivering his annual target. He also received an additional bonus for the company achieving its target.

2017 was Will’s first full year in the job and he was fast building a network and relationships focused on operations roles within the food sector.

In that first full year, with the momentum from a solid finish to 2016, Will performed great. Just missing target but the company hit its objective so it was another £1000 bonus for the company achieving its target.

So onto 2018 – Will’s second full year in recruitment. Will performed amazingly and won the prestigious ‘Highest Percentage Over Target Trophy’ at the Year-End Awards ceremony.

In May 2018 Will was formally promoted to Team Leader and began his management role heading up the Operations team.

He collected an annual allowance for being a manager and is eligible for an extra commission based on the performance of his team.

As a consequence of Will successfully exceeding his billing target, his basic salary increased again in January 2019.

The next step?

Associate Director!

Our biannual appraisal process and the clear competency framework that exists at MorePeople means that everyone, at every level, is clear on what they should be working on to make the next jump.