Operations CV

Top tips for writing a good Operations CV

over 3 years ago by Claire Smith

​At MorePeople, we take a functional approach to recruitment and one of our teams is dedicated to Operational roles. The team recruit for operational roles in the food sector day-in-day-out so have a thorough understanding of the types of roles, skills and challenges that are involved.

Here are our 5 tops tips to make your CV stand out:

1.There are certain keywords in the world of food manufacturing that any employer will be looking for on a CV. Continuous Improvement is a big one and, in very simple terms, is a never-ending strive for perfection in everything you do. Lean Production goes hand in hand and focuses on removing as many waste activities from processes as possible. There are plenty of others – agile production, 5S and OEE to name a few!

2.Qualifications and relevant on-the-job training are really important in Operational roles. Include dates and details of any training you have done that relate to the keywords mentioned above and how you’ve applied learnings in the workplace.

3.Don’t just mention the keywords, explain how you’ve used them to add value in your career so far. What cost savings have you made? How have you improved productivity levels? Decreased waste? Made a process more efficient? Transformed a dysfunctional team?

4.If you are quite new to the world of work, you may not be able to demonstrate any quantifiable achievements. In this case, include projects that you’ve been involved in and the part that you played/what you learned.

5.A mistake that many people make is to basically repeat the job description in their CV. Whether you’re applying for an Operations Manager, Production Manager, Line Leader or Factory Manager role, there will be many crossovers in the job descriptions. Just listing these responsibilities will not make you stand out.

If you are looking for a new role within food manufacturing, visit our jobs page to see a list of current vacancies or get in touch with Will or Lawrence on 01780 480530 to see how they might be able to help. We recruit for roles from Line Leader and Production Supervisor up to Factory Manager and Operations Director.