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Christmas in Garden Centres...

7 months ago by Ben Woodward

​Christmas, in September? Believe it or not, that can be considered late within Garden Retail. It’s actually something that is thought about pretty much all year long, especially with it being one of the busier periods of the year.

Stock for the shop floor starts coming in from July (sometimes even before!), ready to start the shop transformation. Moving aside Outdoor furniture and most of the Garden Sundries area, replacing it with Christmas crackers, decs and trees to fill stores with that Christmas cheer. Who needs an L shape outdoor sofa in December?

As you read this there are already a handful of centres out there who have their Christmas departments up and running. While the departments are running, they are still trying to drag Santa’s Elves down from their grotto in the North Pole ready to help out when they get closer to December.

As you can imagine in the lead up to Christmas, Christmas trees made up 6 of the top 10 sales in December.

If you’re struggling with staff in your Seasonal/Christmas department then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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