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GIMA Awards

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​On Thursday 19th of October Rae, Brian and Sarah attended the annual GIMA Awards which took place at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales. MorePeople were honoured to be the sponsors of the main charity raffle. All proceeds are to be donated to the Greenfingers Charity who build therapeutic spaces at children's hospices across the UK.

Rae comments;

Brian and I had a wonderful time at the GIMA Awards. Nights like this are so special because you get to mix and mingle with great people who are all passionate about what they do. The horticulture industry as a whole is quite small but filled with passionate individuals. The night offered us a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people who work for some amazing businesses.

​Networking is a huge part of what we do as recruiters, having the opportunity to attend events like GIMA Awards offer us the chance to interact with the heart and soul of the horticulture industry. I learned so much in one single night.

​On top of all of that, we had the pleasure of picking the raffle winners, which was an experience all in itself. I don’t know if Brian and I are cut out for the presenter lifestyle, but we had a great time regardless.

Sarah was at the awards representing the YPHA, an association she has very strong ties to.

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