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MorePeople Become Corporate Supporters of the IFST

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​MorePeople has proudly become a Corporate Supporter of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) Established in 1964, the IFST has grown into a global community of over 3300 professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts passionate about advancing the science and technology behind the food we eat. This institute is a place where people can meet other industry professionals, share knowledge, and make advancements within the food industry.

IFST's Key Initiatives

The IFST promotes research and knowledge exchange in food science. Through conferences, symposiums, and research publications, the institute facilitates a culture of learning, ensuring that its members stay at the forefront of industry developments. Additionally, with a commitment to lifelong learning, the IFST offers a variety of educational programs, workshops, and certifications for those at all stages of their career. These initiatives allow professionals in the food industry to enhance their skills, stay updated on emerging trends, and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.

Safeguarding the integrity of the food supply chain is a core mission for IFST. The institute collaborates with regulatory bodies and industry experts to establish and uphold rigorous standards and guidelines. This commitment ensures that the food we consume meets the highest levels of safety and quality.

When it comes to networking, the IFST creates a sense of community among its members, fostering networking opportunities and collaborations. By connecting professionals, researchers, and industry leaders, the institute creates an environment where ideas flourish, and collaborations result in innovative solutions to challenges within the food sector.

What can you get involved in as a member?

IFST organises and participates in conferences and seminars that bring together global experts to discuss the latest breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities in food science and technology. Furthermore, the institute publishes a range of materials, including journals, magazines, and research papers. These publications contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, bridging the gap between research findings and practical applications.

IFST actively supports students and early-career professionals, recognising the importance of nurturing the next generation, scholarships, mentorship programs, and networking events provide valuable resources for those entering the field.

We look forward to attending our first IFST event as a Corporate Supporter in March, the Food Innovation Forum.

Alex Marshall, Associate Director, comments;

"The Institute of Food Science and Technology is a fantastic organisation that works closely with Food Scientists and Technologists to help further develop knowledge, skills, and networks within the food sector through educational projects, webinars, events. MorePeople are very proud to be members of the IFST and help support the development of both the current and future food science professionals."

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