Sector - Garden & Leisure

The trend towards 'instant' gardening, the growth of single person households and the numerous gardening and lifestyle programmes shown on TV have all helped create a tremendous appetite for the products and services of this sector of the horticultural industry. Not only has the volume and variety of products and services increased but there has also been a marked increase in the quality on offer. This can be witnessed in the rise of the Garden Centre as an upmarket retail outlet and weekend 'destination' as well as simply somewhere to source plants and gardening products.

The ever expanding and diverse nature of this sector is reflected in the variety of career options available. From traditional roles in the growing and distribution of gardening and nursery products, to landscape design projects or national account management, this is a sector that has lots to offer.

Who do we recruit for?

  • Garden Centres
  • Garden Centre Suppliers
  • Pets & Aquatics Suppliers
  • Growers & Producers
  • Landscaping & Amenity Sector
  • Multiple Retailers
  • Other Retailers

Who do we recruit?

  • Main Board Directors
  • General Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Specialists
  • Departmental Managers
  • Merchandisers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Designers
  • Growers
  • Graduates