Sector - Food

The enormous range of products available on the counters of today's supermarkets is matched by the variety of opportunities available in the companies that produce and manufacture these products. From primary production right through to producing the finished products and working with the end retailer, the food industry offers a breadth of opportunities that few other sectors can equal.

At MorePeople you will find people who have worked across all these sectors and can give you first hand advice about the career options available in the exciting and ever changing sectors that make up the FMCG, Grocery and Fresh Food marketplace.

Who do we recruit for?

  • Supermarket Suppliers
  • Foodservice Suppliers
  • Fresh Food Convenience Sector
  • Fresh Meat Processors
  • Dairy Sector
  • Multiple Retailers
  • Other Retailers

Who do we recruit?

  • Main Board Directors
  • General Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Specialists
  • Operations Managers
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Managers
  • Food Scientists
  • Food Technologists
  • New Product Developers
  • Development Chefs
  • Graduates

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